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“Jewish History Quarterly” is a continuation of “the Bulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute”. The magazine entitled “the Bulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute by the Central Comittee of Polish Jews” was released for the first time in November 1949. Till 1950 “the Bulletin” used to be published in Polish and Yiddish, and had a character of an informational bulletin. Short texts about the activities of the Jewish Historical Institute constituted most of the bulletin’s articles.

Since 1951 “the Bulletin”, without changing the title, has changed its format and character. Since then, it has been a high-value scientific journal in Polish (released twice a year and since 1953 quarterly). The subjects of the magazine have ranged from the history of Jews in antiquity, through Middle Ages till the recent years. In practice, the bulletin focused on the ancient and contemporary history, but the most thoroughly on the years of the Second World War.

Editor-in-chief of the journal was for the first 16 years the director of the Jewish Historical Institute, Bernard Mark. Then, the magazine was led successively by Artur Eisenbach, Simon Datner, Marian Fuks, Maurycy Horn (editor-in-chief for 17 years, from 1973 to 1990), Jerzy Tomaszewski, Szymon Rudnicki, Daniel Grinberg, Alina Cała, and finally, since 1999, prof. dr hab. Jan Doktór has been the editor-in-chief of “the Bulletin”. Since 2001, the journal has been published as „Jewish History Quarterly”.

For most of the period of People’s Republic of Poland, the Jewish subjects were brought up reluctantly in press. Furthermore, for some years it was fully censored. “JHI Bulletin” was the only magazine in which for all those years it was possible to publish articles and documents referring to Jewish topics, including, most importantly, materials related to the Holocaust during the Second World War.

The bibliography of the content of the JHI’s Bulletin from 1949–2000 was published in no. 3 (199) in September 2001. Its continuation is the bibliography of the content of “the Quarterly” from 2001–2010, which can be found in no. 3 (239) published in September 2011.

“Jewish History Quarterly” is published in a small print run, but has an interest not only in Poland. It publishes articles of Polish and foreign authors, also in English and German. The digital version of the „Quarterly” is available at CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library). In 2011, the „Quarterly” was included in the list of outstanding scientific journals (Master Journal List), prepared by Thompson Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia (so called, the list of Philadelphia).

“Jewish History Quarterly” publishes articles related to the history of Jews in Poland and other countries as well as Jewish culture and literature. We accept only original texts, not published before in any other places. In the attachment you can find the list of requirements for submitted articles. 

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